How we Work..??

We provide safe and secure working process to relocate the worthy belongings until these are delivered. Generally the best packers and movers in indore, don’t have sufficient staff. but Our experienced staff and also well-managed services are always available for all the location. That are maintained by our branch/network. ReHome Packers & Movers always serves our customers, simplicity of packing their goods or according to the plans.

Generally Our team follows given below steps to move the residential or a commercial one:

Pre-Move Survey:

  • ReHome packers and movers will conduct a pre-move survey by the senior supervisor for the quantification of attributes. The volume and type of household Materials that need to be packed and relocated. The pre-move survey is very important for providing an accurate costing estimate and planning for the packing and moving.


  • After the survey, the moving company will provide you with a detailed quotation outlining the cost of the move, including packing, transportation, labor, and any additional services you may require.
  • If the quote approved by the customer, Company will take advance payment and confirm customer booking.


  • On the scheduled moving day, the packing team will arrive with packing materials such as boxes, bubble wrap, packing tape, and other necessary supplies.
  • Then our team will start packing your household, very systematically. And ensure the all materials safe.
  • Each box will be labeled with its contents and destination room.


  • After packing, the moving crew will load your packed items onto their moving trucks or containers.


  • The moving company will transport your goods to the destination using the chosen mode of transportation, whether it’s a truck, container, or other means.
  • The transportation process may involve long-distance travel, so your belongings will be secured to prevent shifting and damage.


1. Packing and Moving

We pack your essentials very carefully with quality packing materials. Quality is our first priority.

2. Moving & Transportation

Time to Move your stuffs from one place to your destination. We move your products from our trusted partners.

3. Yes! Delivered on Time

Happiness Delivered, Now Time to unpack the boxes.

We have been successfully moved more than 4000 homes . Take the right decision for your moving.


Our Major Services

Our company helps your all type of hassell free household shifting service. Also helps parcel delivery, domestic moving, international moving, office relocation, Car transportation.


Cart & Parcel Services

ReHome Packers & Movers is a India’s best online courier and Shipping Service Company. We provides large-scale pickup and delivery service of your parcel across the country.

Within-City Moving

Choose the moving location & ReHome company will give you glimpse of the old one. Moving within a city, often referred to as a local area moving. In the within city moving, involves relocating your materials from one place to another within the same city or metropolitan area. Decide on a moving date and book a moving company or rental truck if needed. Organize your items by category to make packing and unpacking easier. If you’re hiring packers and movers indore for a local move, make sure to get quotes from multiple companies and choose one that suits your budget and needs.

Inter-City Moving

Moving to a new city or a new home be assured as ReHome packers indore will provide you a home like experience. Shifting between cities, often referred to as inter-city or long-distance moving, involves relocating your belongings from one city or location to another, which may be in a different state or even a different country. This type of move requires careful planning and organization due to the greater distances involved. Here’s a step-by-step guide for inter-city moving: Hire a Professional Moving Company: Research and hire a reputable moving company with experience in long-distance moves. Update your address with relevant parties, including the post office, utilities, and important institutions.

Car & Bike Transportation

Transporting cars and bikes, whether locally or long-distance, often requires specialized services and careful planning. Here’s an overview of the process for car and bike transportation.

  • The car will be loaded onto the carrier, secured for transport, and covered if you’ve chosen an enclosed carrier.
  • The transportation company will provide tracking information so you can monitor your car’s journey.

Whether you’re transporting a car or bike, it’s essential to choose a reputable transportation service provider, prepare your vehicle properly, and carefully inspect it upon arrival to ensure a safe and successful transportation process.

Warehouse facility

Every moving companies also provides warehouse facility for our good service. warehouse is a place where we store all type of materials. Also unload containers which comes to all locations. All items should be properly packed and labeled for international shipping. High-value or fragile items may require special packing and crating.

Office Relocation

If your office contains large number of chairs & tables & a lot of materials, Don’t worry for the office relocation. Search on google “packers and movers in indore” and call ReHome packers & movers. You should inspect your belongings and check them against the inventory list provided by the moving company to ensure nothing is missing or damaged. If there are any issues, you should notify the moving company immediately.

Household Shifting service

Make the right move towards your future shifting. ReHome packers & movers professionally doing your household goods packing & moving. There are various process for moving. Like packing, loading, unloading, transportation, unpacking, rearranging, insurance and all. Its very typical to arrange carpenter, ac technician, electrician.

Industrial Moving

Being the most experienced industrial packing and moving, we gives unique and on your budget services for packing and moving your industrial equipment.

International Moving

International moving involves relocating your household or belongings from one country to another. This is a complex process that requires careful planning, organization, and compliance with international regulations. Here’s a step-by-step guide to international moving: Determine your destination country and gather information about its customs regulations, visa requirements, and any specific rules related to the importation of household goods. Research international moving companies with experience in your destination country. International moving is a complex and lengthy process that requires meticulous planning, adherence to regulations, and the expertise of experienced moving professionals. Choosing the right international moving company is crucial for a smooth and successful relocation.

Domestic Moving

Domestic moving service is a relocation service which transfers people, to one place to another. Also with their families including all household goods and furniture to another location. All major companies move their old or valuable person to their other branch to grow company. Company Also pay for this transfer.

household goods packing

Household Shifting Service

Make the right move towards your future. We move your life to your dream home.

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professional team for packing

Office Relocation Service in Indore

No matter how large or small your office is, Rehome will make sure your office relocation runs smoothly so you can get back to business.

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professional team for packing

Inter-City Moving

Moving to a new city be assured as Rehome will provide you a home like experience.

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quality materials used for household packing

Parcel Delivery and Courier Service in Indore

Rehome is India’s best online courier Shipping Service Company that provides large-scale pickup and delivery service of your parcel across the country.

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Bike Packing and Transportation

Car & Bike Transportation Service

Rehome is the most reliable and safest car transportation company in India. We always believe in delivering your car on time with 100% safety assurance.

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professional team for packing

Within-City Moving

Choose the location of moving & rehome will give you glimpse of the old one.

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What We Do?

packers & movers service

Domestic Moving

It is a relocation service which transfers people with their families including household items and furniture to another location without any interupption.

International moving

International Moving from Indore

Making your move abroad a success is in our DNA. Moving abroad with Rehome makes the difference through its expertise and its top-notch client services.

professional Home shifting service indore

Industrial Moving

Being the most experienced industrial packers and movers, we offer unique and budget services for packing and moving your industrial equipment.

Quality packing service images

Warehouse facility

Rehome also provides warehouse facility so, if you own a warehouse facility but don’t have the means to operate it then rehome can help you.

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What Our Client’s Say About Us ?

We are very fortunate to create an excellent connectivity with our clients. ReHome Packers & Movers have a lot of Customer reviews. that are assessments, opinions, and feedback provided by our valuable customers or clients about our packing service, or experience. These reviews can be written or verbal and are typically shared on various platforms, including local business, websites, social media, review websites, and word-of-mouth. Customer reviews play a significant role in influencing the decisions of potential customers and are an essential aspect of modern business and marketing strategies.

Please Check there are some key points about customer’s valuable reviews:

  1. Importance of Customer Reviews:
    • Influence Purchasing Decisions: Potential customers often rely on reviews to make informed decisions about purchasing products or services.
    • Build Trust: Positive reviews can build trust and credibility for a business, as they showcase the experiences of previous customers.
    • Customer Feedback: Reviews provide valuable feedback that businesses can use to improve their offerings and customer service.
    • SEO Benefits: Reviews can improve a business’s search engine visibility, as search engines often consider them when ranking websites.
  2. Types of Customer Reviews:
    • Product Reviews: Customers share their thoughts and experiences with a specific product. These are common on e-commerce websites.
    • Service Reviews: Customers provide feedback on the quality of services they received, such as from restaurants, hotels, or service providers.
    • Business Reviews: Customers review the overall experience with a business, including factors like customer service, pricing, and more.
    • Online Reviews: These are typically posted on websites like Yelp, TripAdvisor, Amazon, and Google Reviews.
    • Social Media Reviews: Customers may leave reviews and comments on a business’s social media pages.
  3. Components of Customer Reviews:
    • Rating: A numerical score, often out of five stars, that reflects the customer’s overall satisfaction.
    • Written Feedback: A detailed description of the customer’s experience, highlighting both positive and negative aspects.
    • User Profile: Some reviews include the reviewer’s username or photo, which can add authenticity to the review.
  4. Responding to Customer Reviews:
    • Responding to negative reviews professionally and addressing concerns can demonstrate excellent customer service.
    • Positive reviews can also be acknowledged to show appreciation for customer support.
  5. Authenticity and Trust:
    • Businesses should encourage honest and authentic reviews. Fake or manipulated reviews can harm a business’s reputation.
    • Customers often trust reviews more when they see a mix of positive and negative feedback, as it appears more genuine.
  6. Legal and Ethical Considerations:
    • Some countries and regions have regulations regarding the authenticity and handling of customer reviews. Businesses should be aware of and comply with these rules.

In summary, customer reviews are a vital tool for businesses to understand their customers’ experiences, build trust, and influence potential customers’ decisions. They provide valuable feedback that can drive improvements and help businesses thrive in a competitive market.

Here’s what they’re saying about us.

I hired a moving service from ReHome packers and movers in indore a few months back for my shifting. They packed my goods with best packing materials and safely loaded and unloaded them. They were polite in their conversations and reassured me that everything will go well. Thanks.

Happy Customer
Priya Singh

From Chennai

Shifting during corona pandemic was a tough decision to choose a safe packers and movers in indore, but we were in urgent need to shift into our new home. So, we contacted ReHome packers and movers and got a positive answer from them. They arranged a reliable moving company for my move and that too within my budget.

Happy Customer
Amit Jain

From Bhopal

If you are searching for a trusted packers and movers in indore for your move, then you can go with Rehome. I hired one from here for my shifting and it was satisfying experience for me and my family. Thanks once again.

Happy Customer
Piyush Sharma

From Pune

Safe delivery of goods is what we expect from the moving company which we hire for our move. I hired ReHome packers and movers & I had to move from Delhi to Mumbai . So, explored this website that is and found a trustworthy company for my shifting.

Happy Customer
Renu Raghuvanshi

From Indore

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